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A Random Assortment of Members Inclined to Create Wikis

Current Members

Former Members

Member pages of former members, they may be gone, but not forgotten. Y'all are welcome back anytime. Come see us at the next Open House

How to create a member page

1. Request a wiki account by contacting the Board of Directors via email or slack app. Let them know your desired user name.
An email with temporary password will be sent to you.

2. Log in to the wiki and change your temporary password. Use a strong/secure password.

3. Click on your User Name found at the top right corner of the wiki page.

4. The page will refresh with a blank "Create Page Option"
Create your page at your discretion. Remember that this is a wiki and all pages can be modified by anyone with an account at any time. We also want to keep it family friendly (PG13)

5. Link your personal page back to this member page.
Add your name to the list above by clicking edit and using the existing convention:

* [[User:Username|Name]]

Additional References for creating wikis and formatting: