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About Me

I'm a new member of The Maker Station and am learning what a Maker Space is all about. I am a 31 year-old Marietta kid. I spent 10 years as a professional student, wandering in the wilderness of the service industry. Now I am back in Marietta working for a civil-engineering consulting firm. I was raised in a tech household where the answer to questions was RTFM. I feel like it was a good way to grow up from a Maker standpoint. The question was never "Can it be done?" but "How do I do it?"


Physical Computing

Wireless Communications

3D Printing & CNC


1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee (The ZJ from Hell)

CAN-BUS Interface

MEGA 2560 + ESP8266 Shield + CAN-BUS Shield

My First Robot

MEGA 2560 + Motor Shield + Whippersnapper Rover Kit