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The space requires minimal maintenance but the items detailed below are required. Use the Blog:Maintenance to log maintenance activities.
Report all findings, issues, questions, and concerns to the makerspace Board of Directors

Maintenance Items
Item Frequency Notes
Trash Weekly Dumpster is located outside the back of Unit 1. Please do not leave any food trash inside the office. Take it directly to the dumpster
Front Door Weekly Confirm door/lock are in good condition.
Sweep Entrance
HVAC Twice per year There are 3 HVAC zones in the space
see details below
Bathroom Monthly Check for Leaks
Clean sink & toilet
Replenish toilet paper & towels
Back Doors Weekly Confirm no items blocking the fire exit
**Confirm no items blocking the fire exit
Make sure the back door fire exit is not blocked
Roll Up Doors Weekly Confirm roll up chain is not binding
Back Shops Weekly Vacuum & Sweep sawdust and debris Confirm dust collectors are not full

HVAC Details

There are 2 HVAC zones in the space:

Unit 1

  • Thermostat Controls both Heating & Cooling to the office space
  • The unit is located above the bathroom.


  • Unit 1 furnace provides heat only only to the wood shop.


Circuit Breakers are located in the utility closet, the wall of the woodshop, and the wall of the metal shop. If a circuit is tripped, the relevant breaker will show an orange indicator. ALWAYS POWER OFF ALL EQUIPMENT PLUGGED IN BEFORE RESETING A BREAKER.

  • Utility Closet 200A
    • Circuits in the office, including the laser, terminate here.
  • Wood Shop 100A
    • Most outlets in the wood shop terminate here.
  • Metal Shop 80A
    • This subpanel contains all circuits in the metal shop.

Fire Protection

Fire Code compliance

Fire Extinguishers: There are six wall mounted fire extinguishers for the space:

  • Unit 1:
    • Front lobby by kitchenette
    • Woodshop by office door
    • Woodshop on pillar by SawStop
    • Woodshop by rear walk-in door
    • Electronics Room near Laser (C02)
    • 3d Printing Room by door