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The following items are things the space would love to have. Do you have one? Do you know where we can get one as a donation or deep discount? Let us know!

Please note our donation criteria

Items Needed/Wanted

  • Pallet Racking - After needing to consolidate our shop, our storage situation has gotten fairly rough. We're looking for 3-4 uprights with 7-8 spans of pallet racking to replace our wooden storage.
  • Hand Tools - Though we keep a good stock of pliers, screwdrivers, and other hand tools, we often end up with too many of one size and too few of another. Most importantly, we're always missing 10mm sockets.
  • Consumables - Sandpaper, paper towels, saw blades, drill bits, etc. These aren't as exciting as a magical CNC machine, but they are the bread and butter of what keeps our shop functioning. It also can make a stock available for

Gotten Items - Thanks!

  • MIG Welder as an upgrade to our current cheapo flux-core wire feed welder
  • Security Cameras for a safety & security monitoring system, we already have the DVR system just need the cameras
  • Brake - Bending Brake - We need a brake to be able to bend sheet metal to make boxes and enclosures
  • Shop Fan - We need a decent size fan to move air in the shop area. It can get a bit toasty working back there.
  • Vacuum Cleaner - We need a better vacuum to keep the space clean.