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Hello World!

I am a builder and tinkerer. In 2013 I built a reprap 3D printer at home and with the help of Freeside. In 2014 I met Jay and Roger and we collectively came together to found The Maker Station makerspace in Marietta, GA. I am actively engaged in the makerspace operations and serve on the Board of Directors as Community Manager.

Below you will find highlights of my favorite projects and a failed attempt at a maker blog.

instagram: @entropygun


My Maker Blog

I still trying to figure out how to limit below to display only the last three most recent posts... i think it's a mediawiki template thing that I haven't taken the time to chase down

2017-01-05 RasPi Streaming is a Go!


It took me a bit longer than expected, due to various distractions, but I finally got a raspberry pi camera live stream going for our pet bunny on YouTube on its own channel and everything!

Next step is to enable adsense, etc to allow for embedding on websites. Also need to added the infrared LEDs, i did get a Pi NOIR.
For now, I can share the link:

and I guess try the youtube embed tags:

project reference:

2017-01-04 Making a RasPi Camera streaming device & Happy New Year


The end of year holiday period was both hectic and relaxing lazy days that didn't leave me any time or motivation for blogging.

After receiving a Pi NOIR camera, I spent the New Year working on making a camera monitor for our pet rabbit. Setting up the RasPi camera has got me interested in streaming video and through the magic internet hyperlinks I found myself on the Scenic Radio website and this streaming video of scenic train ride in Norway:

I have to admit that I totally agree and find it "Relaxing and enjoyable entertainment, the Scenic Radio way.

2016-12-16 The Maker Manifesto

I guess that manifestos are supposed to be overly ambitious and hyperbole?

Holy Moly I'm not sure how it is that I only came across this Maker Manifesto tonight, but maybe it's for the better because if i had seen the tooling list on pages 23-26, may never had gotten started in waiting around forever trying to figure out how get all of the prescribed tooling - sheesh!


2016-12-12 Repair Cafes

Repair Cafes concept has been showing up on my Facebook lately with people suggesting we should do it at the Station. It's basically like a meetup where people can bring their broken stuff and try to fix it (get help fixing) and then take their item home. It's pretty much how I live and we do a lot of fixing at the Station but just never done a meetup kinda jumping on this trend. also lots of youtube vidsé

Wordsmithing the copy for the event

From the LVL1 folks up in Kentucky:

While we at LVL1 have always encouraged folks to fix their stuff we know it may be hard for newcomers to jump in and join us so we're setting up a formal time for folks to get together and help each other fix things. So... got something that's broken? Feel free to bring it in and see what our volunteers can do. Maybe we can fix it, maybe not; we'll have fun working on it.

If you're interested in learning more see this short post on our website with a video and a link to the wikipedia article.



We're hosting our first Repair Cafe where members and guests are in invited to bring in something* that they would like to fix or need help fixing. The makerspace and tools are available and we'll see what we can do to try to get it fixed. Maybe we can fix it, maybe not; we'll have fun working on it.

* Please Note that this is not a recycling event, you must take whatever you bring back with you. The Maker Station does not have a dumpster nor trash pickup service so you must take your item back home with you after the repair attempt.

More info: Across the world “Repair Cafes” are being founded to help people repair things and save them from being tossed in the trash. To learn more simply search for "Repair Cafes" on Google or Youtube

2016-12-12 Never Enough Hours

Had a pretty active week at the Station last week. Did an #HourOfCode meetup on Wednesday, followed by getting the fire extinguishers recharged to be back in compliance on Friday, Woot!, followed by a 3D modeling and design meetup with Orchard on Saturday. I need to get the maintenance blog caught up.

And tonight I figured out how to get this embedded banner up on the front page.

Amazon banner holidays.png

--Tanju (talk) 03:12, 12 December 2016 (UTC)

2016-12-05 Makerspace Build-out & Clean-up Meetup

I scheduled a makerspace build-out/clean-up meetup today and six members showed up! It was great, made a lot of impact on the space and traction on some ongoing improvements like shelves for the blue steel casings and shop lights for the wall of carpentry tools.

Also of note, I discovered that a great way for someone to find out what all tools and materials we have is to have them participate in a build-out... all day long I heard exclamations of "wait... I didn't know that we had this!..."

I got three short videos of the work on Instagram:

P.S. (Need to figure out how to embed Instagram on mediawiki)

--Tanju (talk) 01:56, 5 December 2016 (UTC)

2016-12-04 Amazing how fast documentation goes stale and obsolete


Dang just looking at my member page and some of the other content, I'm amazed at how quickly it is starting to look stale and going obsolete. I think having a date reference in content helps give it some context.

This makes me wonder about ancient texts, codecs, and manuscripts that scholars and people revere... if some of the authors were around today, would they be saying something like "uhh yea, don't look at those, they're totally obsolete, we just haven't gotten around to updating them..."?

2016-12-04 Hello World!

Hello World once again.

This blog kicks off mid-flight without any introduction.

I just spent what felt like hours enabling external inline images for this wiki. They are turned off by default due to reasons. For a while I couldn't get it to work. It turned out to be missing semicolon at the end of the config file, D'oh!

also external images don't need the square brackets mediawiki syntax, they just automatically render


--Tanju (talk) 07:00, 4 December 2016 (UTC)

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My Favorite Projects

The Maker Station Makerspace

MakerStation Avatar.JPG

As a Co-founder and Community Manager on the Board of Directors of the Maker Station Inc, growing and nurturing the makerspace is by far my biggest project.

I am an active contributor to this wiki, and a fan of all wikis and open knowledge management systems in general. Let me know if you have any questions about the space or would like to get down there for a tour to check it out.

PowerWheels PowerRacing Series (PPRS)

Ppprslogo 256.jpg

You can find details of the 2015 season build listed under the projects section or click here

Below is short video of one of the initial 2015 test runs with my beautiful test driver

The Candy Kart held up surprisingly well after the 2015 race at the Atlanta MakerFaire

3D Printing


The first printer I built (helped build) was actually for Freeside Atlanta. Along with it, the first wiki I ever wrote was its wiki page and bill of materials. Somehow the printer was dubbed the "Kracken Bot" and you can find it at here

I built a clone of that printer at home and currently list it on and use it primarily for printing trinkets, gifts, and the occasional useful item. I pick up only occasional print jobs off of makexyz and almost always the jobs end up being way more trouble than they're worth.

The most useful (and rewarding) things that I have printed by far are the e-Nable 3D printed hand prothesis. This project has been a ton of work but just overall awesome. So far we have printed up hands for two separate kids and made up dedicated webpages for these builds:

Other stuff I've designed and printed can be found at their respective repositories:

Raspberry Pi

Tko on the retropie.jpg

Starting to dabble in building computers, I learned how to put the RetroPie image on a Raspberry Pi using the Maker Station's Pi. Immediately after that I went out bought my own Pi and a USB controller for the house!

I'm really excited about this project because it was super easy, zero programming (just cut and paste finger pecking) was required, and I get to play some of my favorite NES games. All it took to get the Pi running was to put aside any hesitations or fears and just follow instructions. The hardest part was sorting thru the myriad of blog posts and tutorials out there.



I've published a handful of instructables that can be found at their site [1]

My favorite project so far was the longboard skateboard built out of bamboo hardwood floor planks that I built for my wife. woot!

One of these days, I would like to host a series of longboard making classed down at the Maker Station.


Ƀitcoin: 14DKfyvuYB7Eab6qmjBPvWLD8ZHYtndSYA

I showed up too late to the crypto party to do any meaningful mining. Nevertheless, I am interested figuring out how to use both Bitcoin and Dogecoin, in particular as a local/community currency centered around the MakerStation makerspace. Plus I'm fascinated by the question that cryptocurrency raises, that is: what is money?

Trade some crypto with me:

  • Ðoge: DDS8Y8jse2GGy6BnLLXUFCtUNHjxVLxQ2M
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