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About me

I've been building and tinkering for as long as I can remember.

When I was 12 I would sneak into my grandfather's dentist office when it was closed and play in his lab with the dental plaster, the mercury, and the X-Ray machine.

At 13 I received my novice ham radio license, at 14 a motorcycle license, and at 16 my private pilot's license.

As an adult I've been doing online marketing full time since the mid-80s way before the World Wide Web was around.

I'm also an award winning independent filmmaker. I wrote and produced a feature film, Lynch Mob, starring a couple of series regulars from The Sopranos. Only 1 out of every 2,500 independent films gets a nationwide theatrical release and we were lucky enough to get theatrical distribution.


Our special effects and props builder on the film was Roy Wooley who is now doing special effects work for The Hunger Games and Avenger Series. He was also a runner up and fan favorite on the TV show Face-Off.


Recently I pre-orderd a Tabby EVO kit. It's an open source street legal electric car. It looks like it will be a year before it's available but I look forward to building it.