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About me

I'm a Georgia native and have lived here all my life- except for 3 looooong months I spent in New York City. I've always had an interest in how things work. I loved to take stuff apart even at a young ago and if there were a few extra pieces left over when I put stuff back together, it must have been a flaw in the original design. Professionally, I am a software engineer with Acuity Brands Lighting working on a product that collects data and can issue commands to streetlights over a mesh network. For fun, I'm into gaming ( board, rpg, minis, card, computer ) and learning new things - when I have time and I'm not involved with family activities.



Coding ( C#, SQL, Html, Javascript, ASP, Pascal, Delphi, COBOL, C++ ) -- some are used more frequently than others. Woodworking - just a novice

Would like to have

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Currently Learning

Arduino and Circuits

3d Modeling (to use the 3d printer)



Iron Man Mark VI Armor


None yet. :(