20170115 BOD Notes

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  • Review Last Month's notes
  • Maintenance
    • Bathroom flooded
    • Saw dust behind all the equipment, we need a strategy
    • Lulzbot - someone loaded it with 1.75mm PLA, Need to order more 3mm PLA
  • Upcoming Events
    • ATL MiniMakeFaire at City Hall Feb 7th 10am-3pm
    • Other Events?
  • Membership report:
    • Several New Members and lost a couple of existing, need Josh to reach out to them about RFID cards for the new folks, and disable the cards for the departed people
    • Facebook Page advertisement before Christmas
  • Ikea grant request. We need to finish what Alan started for us

Reviewed last month’s notes and actions

  • notes

New Items:

  • Notes
  • Notes