20170115 BOD Notes

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Tanju, Jay, Josh



  • Review Last Month's notes
  • Maintenance
    • Bathroom flood update
    • Saw dust behind all the equipment, we need a strategy
    • Lulzbot - someone loaded it with 1.75mm PLA, Need to order more 3mm PLA
  • Upcoming Events
    • ATL MiniMakeFaire at City Hall Feb 7th 10am-3pm
    • Other Events?
  • Membership report:
    • Several New Members and lost a couple of existing, need Josh to reach out to them about RFID cards for the new folks, and disable the cards for the departed people
    • Facebook Page advertisement before Christmas
  • Ikea grant request. We need to finish what Alan started for us
  • Maker Faire planning - Tanju wants to get more involved in helping plan the PPPRS race, but doesn't want to do more work.

Reviewed last month’s notes and actions

New Items:

  • Reviewed Membership report, still moving in the right direction, couple new members in both Dec and Jan after the Jan Open House. Sent email to Josh about RFID cards for new folks
  • Maintenance Items:
    • Dust behind the power tools, we need to start doing recurring clean-up meetups, be sure to pull equipment from wall and clean up back there. Also need to setup up the existing vac for dust control.
    • 3D printer loaded with wrong filament. Need to send out PSA to the members
    • The toilet saga. Landlord dealt with it all very efficiently, without issue. Plumbers came and replaced the toilet wax seal last week.
  • Upcoming Events:
    • ATL MiniMakeFaire at City Hall Feb 7th 10am-3pm, Would be good to participate if we can get some volunteers to participate. Tanju will send out a note to solicit volunteers.
    • ATL Sciencefest was Mar 26 last year. We need to find out if they running a parade again this year?
  • Reviewed Facebook advertising experience from the test Tanju ran before Christmas. Would be good to try again before a major event like DragonCon or MakerFaire.... before DragonCon leading up to it, after MakerFaire
  • Reviewed the Ikea app, we need to look at their catalog to list some items.