Policies and Procedures

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Maker Station Policies

All of The Maker Station's Policies and Procedures are stored on a shared google drive.
Approved policies are published as pdf files, while live documents being revised and updated are considered drafts and not official until published with a revision date.

Policy Documents can be found here

Membership Subscription Info

The Maker Station makerspace membership subscription payment system is handled via Gumroad.com Inc, a 3rd party payment processing company for independent creators and makers. By joining the Maker Station, in parallel you are creating an account with Gumroad.com. To manage your account such as changing credit card info or canceling, you will need to log into gumroad.com directly

Gumroad FAQ

General FAQ

[Updating payment info ]

Canceling subscription

We will miss you!

Upgrading Subscription

Ready to upgrade from Student to Maker membership levels?

Amazon Associate Stores

Using the stores below to purchase goods from Amazon provides proceeds to the Maker Station's general fund.

Silhouette Cutter Supplies

Raspberry Pi Supplies

Lulzbot 3D Printing

Other 3D Printing Supplies

Sewing & Textiles

Office Equipment