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Shops Log

Log of shop projects and general changes within the Wood and Metal shops.



  • Power run for vanity lights and Mechanisms project board
  • Troubleshooting air leaks in Woodshop
    • Swapping ceiling spool to a short air whip instead of 2 elbows
  • Sawstop brake tripped due to metal on a jig. Replacement blade/brake was installed

August 2023

  • Power run to Mechanism's Pit
  • Ceiling air spool added to woodshop
  • Dust cyclone and chip separator acquired. Will be installed late Sept/early Oct

July 2023

  • Dust collection additions
    • Delta Jointer and Woodmaster Planer
    • Sanding Bench
    • Drum Sander
  • Rigid Table Saw power cord added
  • Air compressor
    • Compressor plumbed in
    • Soft line run to spool near SawStop
    • Soft line run to wall near power panel
    • Soft line run to Mechanisms' pit
  • Electrical run to Mechanisms' pit
  • Modified central worktable to store donated aluminum.

June 2023

  • Additional lighting in wood shop
    • 4x 4' LED fixtures over CNC/lathe area and Tool Island/sanders
    • 4' LED fixture near back door
  • extension cord reel added to back of shop
  • Sawstop blade elevation gear replaced
  • Switch added for overhead 24" fan
  • Compressor wiring added in
    • Partial air system in progress
  • Safety station upgraded to have PPE storage
  • Sandblaster assembled by Ryan C
  • CCTV Replacement finished
  • "Bret Bench" extended to wrap around towards the large toolbox
  • Peg board added above large toolbox
  • Grinder area cleaned out and reorganized
  • Central dust collection set back up*

May 2023

  • Upgraded 2 strands of lights in the wood shop to LED
  • CCTV Replacement started

April 2023

  • Dust Collection Pipe run
    • 6" Main trunk with 4" connections down to tools
  • 3HP Dust Collector connected with temporary wiring
    • Started reverse engineering control box

March 2023

  • Large trash can donated by Chris N and set in wood shop.
  • Damaged motor cord on planer. Found and fixed by Shane G, Chris K, Bret L.

February 2023

January 2023

  • Consolidation panic
  • Tools shifted from Unit 2 over
  • New Metal shop electrical mostly stubbed out
    • Subpanel split off for metal shop