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Office Log

Log of shop projects and general changes within the office space: 3D Printing, Lobbies, Electronics room, Classroom


September 2023

  • Laser water loop flow sensor is leaking. Did some temporary repairs
    • Identifying the sensor type to order replacement
  • Bathroom light fixture replaced
  • Kitchen cabinet screwed back to wall (Appeared to be coming loose)
  • Excess material purged from Electronics room

August 2023

  • Rooftop AC Unit Failure
    • Portable AC units spread out in the space as a stopgap
    • Putting plan together to replace
  • Refrigerator evaporator fan replaced

July 2023

  • Replaced ballasts with LED conversions in 4 fixtures
  • Motion sensor lighting added in most rooms
  • Automation temperature sensors added throughout space

June 2023

  • Classroom TV had a rapid unplanned interaction with sudden deceleration due to gravity
  • Concrete Pavers added under 3d printers for vibration dampening
  • Red Riot repaired and back online
  • gMax 2 Pro donated. Work on getting it settled in progress
  • Upgraded CCTV system

May 2023

  • 4/5 Ender 3's standardized on Pis with screens
  • Water connected to fridge

April 2023

  • Work on standardizing all printers into OctoAnywhere
  • 3/5 Ender 3's standardized and online

March 2023

  • Laser hooked back up

February 2023

  • Post-Consolidation panic

January 2023

  • Consolidation panic