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2016 Planning

The Atlanta MakerFaire is billed as "The Greatest Show and Tell On Earth" and is one of the biggest Maker events of the year for us and is really important in helping us get the word out to locals that we have a Makerspace in Marietta, Cobb County.

In the past we have set up a booth and table show cases some of our member's projects. last year in 2015 we had Bret's RaspberryPi Photobooth set up and it was a big hit. We also entered cars in the Power Racing Series race held at the Faire.

We find that it is not possible to both a booth and race with the same people and need dedicated help for each activity.

Planning Kickoff Call 5-July 2016

The 2016 MakerFaire is happening Sat-Sun, October 1-2 in Decatur, GA Sat 9am-5pm Sun 10am-2pm

We need a volunteer to take lead on getting a booth setup and get other volunteers to help man the booth.

We need to decide what to put out on the booth: Bret's Photobooth, Robotics, RasPi Arcade, Kid's Maker Activities, 3D printed trinkets, flyers are all potential items.

We need some team members for the powerwheels teams. There is a moxie skit needed for the cars. Moxie can be used to promote the space

We already have:

  • Banners x2
  • Flyer Design, just need more printed
  • Flyer Inserts with Calendar of Events

Meeting Minutes from Google Hangout

Attendees: Aaron, Luke, Dan, Drew, Jay, Tanju


  • Reviewed items above, the goal of our booth is marketing and promoting the Maker Station to let local people know we exist and get new members. We need more members to be able to keep the lights on.
  • Considered Commercial vs Non-Commercial booth. Since no one has a commercial items readily available, decided on doing non-commercial booth registration. Can change if at a later date.
  • Would be good to have a branded activity and/or handout for the booth
  • Luke has tentatively agreed to be lead person for setting up booth. Jay and Tanju leading getting the powerwheels going. Everyone on the call agreed to support the booth and help out as needed
  • Jay will submit the registration for the booth within a week
  • We need to solicit other members for support and find out if any kid activities planned

Planning Call 23 August 2016

Booth timeslots signup on SignUpGenius

We need to finalize what to put out on the booth: Bret's Photobooth, Robotics, RasPi Arcade, 3D printed trinkets, more low-tech maker stuff. Things to really show the broad scope of what we are.

We need to finalize what the Kids Activity will be and begin collecting materials

What promotional items need to be updated and printed, who will handle that, etc.

  • Flyer
  • Calendar of Events Insert
  • Business Cards

How to handle sign ups for contact info, raffle, etc

Take an inventory of who has extra folding tables and pop-up tents, etc.

Figure out putting together a collection of pictures for a slideshow

Meeting Notes from 23 August Google Hangout

Attendees: Luke, Dan, Bret, Luis

  • Bret will bring photo booth, Luis will bring Robot Zeus
  • Could use the Station's folding tables if not needed that weekend.
  • Space for members robots and 3D printed examples, cool stuff.
  • Need to update and print fliers
  • Need to collect pictures of Station events for a slideshow
  • Pushing the SignUpGenius page
  • Must nail down the Kids Activity
  • Will continue to use Slack to discuss and organize
  • Need to showcase other non high-tech aspects. Cosplay, mechanical, etc.