Dremel Micro 8050

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  • Owner/Loaner: Jay Dellinger
  • Serial Number: F013805000
  • Make/Model: Dremel Micro 8050
  • Arrival Date: 12/31/2014
  • Usability: {{{usagerestrictions}}}
  • Contact: Jay Dellinger
  • Where: Workstation #3


This is a brand new Dremel Micro 8050. There is a small box of bits for it next to the charging base. The tool should be stored on the charging base when not in use.


  • For general use by members.
  • Treat equipment as if it were your own and put away as or better than you found it.

Basic Instructions

  • Use the included collet wrench to tighten/loosen collet for changing bits.
  • Make sure bits are secure before using.
  • Consult the instruction manual below for recommended speeds for different materials.


  • Keep loose hair and sleeves away from all moving parts.
  • Bits and workpieces will be hot from friction after using
  • Wear safety glasses when using this tool