Dead and Dying Things - May 2017

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Issues - May 2017


Middle Shop Lamp
Impact: Lighting is below average in the shop. Straining on the eyes.
Reason: Flickers on once and a while to provide light. Mostly dead.
Possible Resolutions: Replace ballast and bulbs or retrofit with LED tubes.
Status: Unresolved
Back Room Lamp Ballasts
Impact: One fixture is completely down for now, an other has a dead ballast, with some only having 2/4 functioning lights.
Fix: Order several new ballasts, reasonably cheap at 15$ bucks each, two needed per fixture.
Cost: $30 to fix immediate issue. $60 to replace all ballasts in both back fixtures.
Status: Unresolved


Rear Exit Light
Impact: Doesn't function as intended.
Reason: Has dead Battery
Fix: Replace battery or entire unit.
Cost: $20 - $50
Status: Unresolved


Shop: The space in the back with high ceilings. Back Room: Furthest back furnished room in the space.

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