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  • Owner/Loaner: ?
  • Serial Number: 34424
  • Make/Model: HeathBuilt SP-2718 Tri-Power Supply
  • Arrival Date: ?
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  • Contact: ?
  • Where: Worktable in Electronics Room


This is a factory made version of the HeathKit Model IP-2718 Tri-Power Supply.

It has a 5 volt dc (1.5 amp) fixed supply plus two 0-20 volt dc (0.5 amp) variable supplies. The 20 volt supplies can be used independently or in a tracking mode. All three supplies may be connected in series and the 20 volt supplies may be operated in parallel (with equalizing resistors). All three supplies are current limited to provide short-circuit protection.


5 volts DC +- 5% at 1.5 amps

A supply: 0-20 volts DC at .5 amps continuously adjustable

B supply: 0_20volts DC at .5 amps continuously adjustable

Regulation under load: less than 0.1%(20mv) variation from no load to full load on 20-volt supplies. less than 3% (150 mv) variation from no load to full load on the 5-volt supply.

Tracking range: 2 to 18 volts

Tracking error: less than 1 volt

All three supplies can be connected in series