20180322 BOD Notes

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BOD: Chris K, Mike Y, Tanju B, Jay D

Members: Brain F, Jay S,


Planning Agenda

  • Introduce Mike as new role for Safety & Equipment Director
  • Financial update
  • Membership update
  • New Items & Updates
    • Apr 2-6 Engineering For Kids doing a day camp at the Station for spring break week. Its on our meetup
    • May 19 MakerFest at Red Top Mtn State Park May 19th
    • Jun 10 Nation of Makers Conference in June (Santa Fe, NM), Adam Savage promo video http://bit.ly/2HS1SFl
    • Jul 21 Mini Comic Con at Sewell Mill Library and Cultural Center
    • Oct 27 ATL Maker Faire & Powerwheels is back to 2 event
    • Follow Up/Final decision for Private Event request on a Saturday night in April
    • Other items


  • Introduced Mike as new role for Safety & Equipment Director

Membership Update: February might be a new record for new member volume with 7 new members joined. However it was offset with departure of 4 people. The primary draw for new members continues to be meetup events and activities at the Station.

Gumroad Summary March 2018
____________________ __Feb__ __Mar__
New Member Total 7 2
* Maker 5 0
* Student 2 2
Canceled Total 4 0
* Maker 1 0
* Student 3 0

Total Summary

  • 46 Total Members as of March 22
    • 30 Makers
    • 15 Students
    • 1 Premium

Financial Update:

  • February was rough, we had to pay all of the utilities moving fees
  • Down to only losing to ~$250 per month at this time
  • Our current runway is 8 months at current run-rate
  • We need approx 5-6 more Maker Members to be sustainable

  • Taxes have been filed and accepted by the IRS
  • The new financials have been filed in the BOD records for Feb

General Discussion

  • Venue request for a private party has been withdrawn. Per member poll, majority of members were ok with the request but several raised concerns about the space being closed off
  • Mike Y going to poll members of interest in tools to start soliciting donations from companies
  • General discussion with Mike organizing a monthly shop safety class, consider coordinating with a space build out
  • Heads up about Spring Break Camp with Eng For Kids. There will be kids at the space during business hours that week. Be aware
  • Upcoming Events noted in next section below below
  • PowerWheels racing has been requested for Maker Faire , however there is currently no lead organizer for the race. We will need to work with the Faire organizers to make a race happen, perhaps may be easier to make an exhibition race happen
  • General discussion about making marketing videos working with Jay Starling, focused activities on going discussion in the #marketing channel on Slack
  • Discussed adding a second Open House on a Saturday as a one-off, to be scheduled by Chuck and Jay S. Want to keep the current Thurs night event as-is and then supplement that with a Saturday

Upcoming Events: