20171220 BOD Notes

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BOD: Chris K., Tanju B., Joshua M., Jay D.

Members: Jon B., Bret L., Randy K., Mike R., Alex B., Ryan S., Brooke,


Planning Agenda

  • All about setting up the new space


Financial Update:

  • Based on current membership, revised estimate now puts us at ~600/mo deficit
  • We currently have 4.5 mo runway
  • We need a membership drive asap

Membership discussion:

  • 40 members thru November, we lost a couple of members in Oct & Nov
  • 26 Maker level, 13 Student Level, 1 Premium
  • New membership rates of $60/mo and $30/mo will go live for January. Everyone paying the old rate thru end of Dec.

  • Setting up new space
    • Electrical: discussed general need for more electrical outlets in back shop. A bunch of wiring and panel boxes have been donated. Mainly need to buy conduit.
    • Alex has currently procured a boomlift to get up and run conduit along the ceiling. Have the boomlift thru Wednesday next week.
    • Several members have offered up personal funding for electrical expansion as well as donated wiring.
    • Ask landlord if he has an electrical contractor
    • Alex asking if we can ask the landlord if they have a contractor that can quote moving the walls out into the shop space
    • Space Set Up: discussion about making the space appealing to newcomers and guests during open house events.
      • Mike making the case for a working bar set up in the lobby
      • Room 2 to be class room, general purpose room
      • Room 4 to have electronics work bench and heat press
      • Room 5 to be craft room and kids room
      • Back Shop: To begin, temporarily start staging tools along the concrete wall, and then start setting up the opposite wall
      • Hang printer: Mike and Alexa working on large scale printer and asking to designate the top right corner of the shop for it. Generally ok, just sketch out the area and mark it off to designate the area.

Upcoming Events:

  • Need to do a grand opening Open House in January. What day?
    • Let's do Saturday Jan 20th and do a nice open open house with BBQ action