20170423 BOD Notes

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  • Jay Dellinger
  • Joshua McCorkle
  • Tanju Bayramoglu


Planning Agenda

  • Review Last Month's notes
  • Maintenance Review
    • Need to update the front door code, inventory RFIDs
    • 3D printers
  • Treasurer Update
    • annual corporate registration with the secretary of state submitted
  • Upcoming Events
  • Membership Update and Report
    • Volunteer rules
    • Received a request for Sister Makerspace Discount reciprocation/dual memberships
  • Ikea grant request. We need to finish what Alan started for us


Maintenance discussion:

  • Light going out in the back shop. Although lots of options and opinions about replacing the existing flourescent tube with LED, will likely just replace it in kind for sake of simplicity. Also need to figure out how to get a big enough ladder to replace the tube safely
    • Contact landlord to ask about manlift/scissorlift for shop light, also about lighting in parking lot
  • Maintenance cleanup and volunteering for maintenance. need to get policy written.
  • The Station is generally starting to get crowded and members are talking a lot about rearranging stuff and making better use of the space
  • RFIDs cards: have a good amount of existing stock. Need to send Joshua when members have canceled their membership to disable their cards

Membership discussion:

  • Lost several members in March. Couple of new members have since joined in April
  • Find out how EngForKids is doing (they have been very active lately)
  • A member is asking for a reciprocal makerspace discount with Freeside. They offer a discount to their space for any members of other spaces.
    • Makerspace reciprocal discount is good idea. Lets start with a 10% discount at Maker Level only. The student membership is already our general discounted rate.
    • Need to setup gumroad for it - Jay
  • Need to add to explicit language to gumroad for birthday age to the membership requirements

Financial update:

  • Reviewed the financial statements, generally looking good. But we need Chris's help to explain why January rent charge is high?


  • On the wiki page update the premium membership option to indicate that we don't have anymore
  • Upcoming Events:
    • Ham Radio Fest on 3rd-June
    • DragonCon - Labor Day
    • MakerFaire - late October, faire moving to Atlanta venue, status of powerwheels race is TBD