20161218 BOD Notes

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Attendees: Joshua, Chris K, Tanju, Jay


Review last month's notes:

Website Payments & Donation webpages

  • Jay has fixed the donation page. http://donate.themakerstation.com
  • Automated receipt is still pending, for now we'll issue receipts manually
  • Jay has created a separate page to handle payments: payment.themakerstation.com

Equipment Donation Forms

  • Tanju hasn't been enforcing getting a signed sheet for donations... has only been giving receipts
  • Questions about what exactly we (the Org) need to keep track of regarding donations... Chris saying that the biggest need is to distinquish between loaned items vs donated items and reduce the risk of someone claiming that they only "loaned" an item.
  • We only need the form for "Loaned" Items
  • We will notify everyone and put up some notices that unless a "Loan-Form" is on file, all equipment at the space is Property of The Maker Station.
  • Jay volunteering suggesting that we do an annual inventory, perhaps during spring cleaning

Membership Update

  • New member joined bought student membership as gift to her boyfriend. Membership period is Dec-Feb
  • Reviewed the Member Sales chart, we are up to 36 members. Let's now target getting up to 40 members to be really thriving

Treasurer Report

  • Chris has generated Financial Statements.
  • Nov income statement looks good, net positive

General Discussion

  • Internship opportunities through KSU financial assistance office. We're not quite at the point that we can afford to hire an intern, but we can think of tons of stuff for someone to do. Such as: inventory, scheduling events, making wiki pages for every piece of equipment, etc
  • Space Build out in the back looks great. We should do again in early spring.
  • Meetups: We still do best in gaining new members by scheduling meetups. Hour of Code and Repair Cafe were successful. Also Dan's DevBUG and Luis' ROS meetups seem to have gained good traction.
    • Other Upcoming Meetup ideas:
      • Jay wants to do a product development/hackathon type of series of meetups
      • Candy Making prior to Valentine's Day
      • Sewing/Textiles with GeekForge, based on an Instagram interaction, GeekForge offered to come in and do a meetup about textiles. We need to follow up with them to get something on the calendar. https://www.instagram.com/p/BNWwmGPjLDd/?taken-by=geekforge
      • Hour Of Code and leading to Girls-Who-Code. Tanju wanting to start a local Girls-Who-Code group with his daughter but requires registration, it could take a couple of weeks to get that going
      • Graphic Design Meetup, promote graphic arts and see if we can get some posters for the space made up
      • We need some more members-only events
      • Community Events - general discussion about needing to ask someone for help being a Community Organizer since the Board is full of introverts
  • Alan has filled out a draft of the Ikea donation application, we need to review. He sent a link
  • Continue monthly Board Meetings at 5pm. Chris was asking about doing Quarterly meetings, but since we are wearing both Board and Officer hats, will continue monthly meetings. Chris may not always make it monthly but will continue updating the financial reports on a monthly basis