20161128 BOD Notes

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Attendees: Jay, Tanju, Alan S., Matt R.


  • Reviewed previous month notes.
  • Quick overview of wiki, all members are allowed to get wiki accounts, and create content. Just need to request an account from the BOD.

  • Tellus Event Recap:
    • Jay and Jon B. came out and participated. Jon was a big help. Jay brought out a bunch of gear and lemon battery project was well received. Luis also took Zeus Robot, and had his own table.
    • Overall good turn out. Met several teachers and home-school folks that are interested in hands-on activities. Looking for content.
    • Reiterating that we need better banner conducive to marketing events

  • 501c3 Items:
    • Receipt templates have been created and are available from the BOD
    • Questions raised about the documentation requirements on our end for equipment donations. And ownership and disposal considerations. (There is an open question about the 2nd Laser Cutter)
    • 2nd laser cutter donated to the space
    • Jay still working on automated donation receipt to be issued for donate.themakerstation.com
    • We still need to figure out how much (what percentage) of membership dues can be tax-deductible? We should inquire with Tellus to see how they manage their membership dues.
    • We did secure both Slack non-profit as well as Amazon Smile, and also Google G-Suite business account
    • Does meetup.com offer reduced fees for non-profit?
    • We still need to pursue the Ikea donation program. Alan raised hand to help submit the application

  • Financial Report:
    • Chris/Treasurer not attend today. Assuming no significant changes

  • Membership Report:
    • Tanju didn't have time/make time for a report this month
    • We've lost one member over past month, need to reach out to inquire about reason. Previously lost a member the that had joined for only one month but she did reply that she dropped due to moving out of town
    • Still need to develop new-member welcome/onboarding package beyond the welcome letter. Alan suggests a quick survey to ask new member about their interest to try point them in the right direction, introduce to existing member with similar interests
    • We did get an inquiry about buying a gift membership for 3 mo Dec-Feb, we said yes and are manually managing this at this time. We do need to think about offering more formal gift membership option.
    • Arduino and ROS-Robotics meetups have been happening and ongoing, well received.

  • Barnes & Noble Maker event recap:
    • Tanju participated with a table and met Jim Kelly who graciously donated the second laser cutter!

  • Camera Security System:
    • No progress on this

  • Nation of Makers:
    • National organization is being formed, see announcement and website: http://www.nationofmakers.us/.
    • Tanju is staying engaged and wrote formal letter of support [link] no further action is needed on our part at this time. Updates will be provided as they develop

  • Maintenance Meetup:
    • Maintenance meetup scheduled for this upcoming Sunday
    • Tanju wanting to start a maintenance wiki page to keep track of various makerspace maintenance items like HVAC air filters, lights, bathroom items, etc. Air filters, and some florescent light tubes replaced in Nov. Also toilet fixed in Nov.
    • Looks like neighbors have been dumping carpet and detritus out back that is starting to encroach on our back door. We need to contact the landlord about this.
    • Fire Marshal came by for inspection on Nov 3, only finding was that our fire extinguishers are expired need to be reinspected and tagged. Have 30 days to comply. We need to find a local company for this, etc