20160918 BOD Notes

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Attendees: Board: Joshua, Jay, Tanju

General members: Mike Y, Luke


Meeting agenda driven by Trello board as dated for 20160918

20160918 DOB Meeting Attendees: Jay, Tanju, Luke, Mike Y, Joshua Mc

  • Reviewed last months Meeting Notes.
  • RFID Cards - Josh has system set up. Everyone that has contacted him has one. Josh needs a current list of members. He is down to four remaining cards, _he will need to order more.
  • Signage - lets hang up one of the existing banners, sling it up. We have enough boyscouts among us to cinch it down well.
  • Gumroad - plans. Chris did an initial assessment, verified a marginal savings of approx $8/mo... may be better, especially as we grow. Jay to continue investigating
  • Insurance - policy is in place. TJ still needs to fill out the rights of subrogation paperwork, but it is in process.
  • Whitehouse: meetup slated for Wed. Also Makers Organizers Facebooks and Slack is getting welcoming of additional people. Fwd invites to Luke and Yakubek. Luke bring up topic about having consistent events. Wants to schedule an arduino and microcontroller sessions. _Need to give Luke meetup organizer's permissions. Mike wants to move his Sunday gaming sessions to Fridays, for opposite Fridays than the D&D group.
  • Updating Vision Statement & Goals. Jay suggesting that we make updates to original doc that was created back in 2014. Especially coming out of Whitehouse Event. Let's start talking about revisions and discuss further at next meeting;
  • MakerFaire: We will set up demo table same as we did at DragonCon. We will let Tiffany run with the kid's activity. Have prize and coupons from Andretti's in Marietta that we can raffle off. Luke will hold another planning conference call.
  • Tellus Museum Event in No. Jay has signed us up. We will do same set up as DragonCon and MakerFaire.
  • Marketing Sam did set up a drop box to be used by the entire organization. plan is to dump photos on it to be used as needed. _TJ needs to finish setting it up and getting the link out
  • Treasurer update: absent. Need an update.
  • Membership, we did get a new premium member Maureen who has a company called Engineering For Kids. Using the middle room as storage and prep for her business. Also new member Brandon joined after Sept Open House.
  • HVAC Lease requires that we have an HVAC maintenance contract. The pilot light for the shop furnace won't stay lit. We need to investigate furnace coming up in Oct. Mike Y saying he can help. Also need to do another Makerspace BuildOut in Oct, clean up and improve the shelving situation in the back shop. Also new member Brandon built a cart for scrap wood.. thanks Brandon!
  • Patreon: Jay set up a Patreon account for The Maker Station. He'll be working on updating the page and adding some pledge options (along with anyone who wants to help). This would be a good avenue to promote funding goals for projects and to publicize to try to get regular support from non-locals. Or locals who have no interest in a membership. We should hang up signs with it
  • 501c3 application status: Somewhat related, Jay submitted a request to create a DUNS number with Dun&Bradstreet. This number is commonly required for grant applications, or government contracts. It can take 30 days, so Jay went ahead and got the ball rolling. Jay created an account on pay.gov. The 1023-EZ form must be submitted online there. The EZ form fee was reduced, effective in July, from $400 to $275. Jay will continue to pursue the submission.
  • Computers: Josh brought in two work stations (running Windows7) to give to the Station. They are in the 3D printing room now and can be used as needed. He is also refurbing a handful of laptops to give to the Station as well.
  • Networking Maintenance: Joshua has updated all the networking for the space. Enabled the webcam on the 3d printer with password access, password will be shared via the membership channel on Slack.