20160717 BOD Notes

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Attendees: Jay, Joshua, Chris, Tanju, Ron... showed up late, new member and first timer


Meeting agenda driven by Trello board as dated for 20160717

  • Cleaning & Tidying the makerspace
  • Website is now the wiki. Membership sign up is now a direct link from the wiki page to the Gumroad Page
  • GenCan't - on track for Aug 5-7
    • On track, Chris and Randy leading the effort
    • Dino sculpture will get moved out back to make room
  • Anniversary BBQ - on track for Aug 6
    • Will be during the Saturday of Gen Can't event
    • Shared the commemorative flashlight that was made for the 1st Cobb-County-Makers meetup with the Board.
    • Roger bringing smoker
    • Need to promote to the members and ask people to bring dishes to share
  • Pokemon Go discussion
    • side tracked by general discussion
    • Josh submitted a request to Niantic to get a Pokemon Gym/Stop at the Station. They replied that it is under consideration, currenlty no new stops getting added
    • We need to promote and let everyone know that even though we are not a stop, people can make Pokemon Team Decals and T-shirts here... among other things
  • DragonCon
    • Steam Punk table at the Museum of Alternate History. Tanju has started register for this
    • Need to get more details on the schedule for set-up, timing, etc
    • Parade - Powerwheels
    • We'll be running the powerwheels at the parade and participating in the PPPRS panel discussion
    • There will be an auto-show for powerwheels
    • Tanju needs to use/borrow Chris's grommet press for the car's flag
  • MakerFaire - Oct 1-2
    • Jay won't be around for Makerfaire
    • Luke has volunteered to lead setting up the booth. We need to support him. Planning to do a double table this year with similar demo items
    • Jay has submitted the initial registration, waiting on the second round of the process
  • Membership
    • The membership report is out. Gained a couple new members in the past two months which is good, but we need more.
    • Recent dispute from an old member, GumRoad is currently investigating but is witholding the disputed amount. Jay will followup with GumRoad and Tanju will follow up with the member.
  • Maker Kids
    • Kids room continues to get built out
    • Still in discussion with Engineering-4-Kids about workshops... not going to happen for summer, now looking at fall
  • Treasurer Update
    • No major changes from last meeting, the $100 withholding from Gumroad will hit on Monday
  • Social Media Manager
    • Tanju has asked his daughter Mina to help out with the space's social media
  • 3D printer needs couplings replaced
    • Josh will order replacements and take the lead on replacement
    • Suspect that the x-carriage got too far out of level.
  • Wish List
    • Josh wasn't able to get chairs per his previous intent
    • Need a fan for the back shop
    • We need to get a wish list going here on the wiki
  • Closing Comments
    • We need to get the lockbox combo reset with a new number
    • What is the status of the RFID system, need to check with Steve