20160625 BOD Notes

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Attendees: Jay, Chris, Roger, Tanju


  • Reviewed last month's notes
  • Secretary Role is still open.
  • Social Media campaign, all in agreement that would be good to have towards 501c3 status. We need to come up with prize/trinket for the goals and determine the suitable platform.
    • Chris will investigate and choose the platform and a budget.
  • Treasurer Report:
    • We are losing approx 300/mo have a six month run way.
  • Continue to support getting kids room set up. Tiffany is making progress on this.
    • Waiting on reply from Engineering For Kids, on getting a kids workshop going on.
  • Aug 1 anniversary, we need to do another event.
    • We'll do anniversary on Aug 6th due to scheduling.
  • GenCon coming up Aug 1, we should do another GenCan't event. Chris and Randy to organize it. This will be the Friday right after Open House.
  • We need to update the door code. It's overdue. As well as getting the RFID door reader finished.
  • Jay gave an update on ATL YouTubers Meetup meeting held at the space in late May. About 10 people showed up but it didn't really click as a recurring activity.
  • Concept of Instructables Nites revisited. Roger has raised hand to restart Instructables events.
  • Roger also will lead organizing a Battlebots viewing party.
  • Roger's Chess Nites fizzled out, didn't click.
  • We need to reinvigorate recurring activities for the events calendar.
  • Maker Faire coming up. We need to start soliciting volunteers for helping run our booth at the Faire. Running the powerwheels at the Faire is completely separate activity from having a booth.
  • Additional ideas for recurring events:
    • Music -Chris
    • Sewing -Chris
    • 3D CAD/drafting with 3Dorchard.com -Tanju
    • Programming game craft - Jay
    • Drone Stuff - Jay
    • Arduino/RasPi - Bret Lanius has mentioned doing one?
    • Carpentry - Mike Smith?
    • Gina Gareau Clark GISHWES project as mentioned on Facebook starts next week. We need to encourage her to use the space as needed for that.
    • Battlebots Q&A - need to ask Michael and Randy to come in and Q&A and post mortem at a time that's convenient for them
    • We need to get the RetroPie barcade done and it would be great to take it to Makerfaire. Really it's just a matter of getting a cabinet built. Maybe we can get Mike Smith do carpentry class on building a cabinet?
    • Jay did connect with Andretti's Marietta location about sponsoring our PPPRS, but hey said they had no money.