20160515 BOD Notes

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20160515 Board Meeting


Jay, Josh, Tanju


  • Before starting meeting, we salvaged tile out of neighbor's dumpster
  • We never got any response/interest on the Secretary. We need this role filled, or just appoint someone? Need to send out a reminder to the members.
  • Discussed need to come up with action plan for the space: we need more members, we need 501c3 status
    • We need a update from the Treasurer, it's been a while.
    • Let's plan on getting a Kickstarter or Indie-Go-Go campaign going to raise funding for the 501c3 filing fees. We need to ask the members if they want to help run the campaign. We need to lay out specifics, like crafting message, producing a video, etc. We want to ask Chris if she can lead a campaign.
  • Activities:
    • Lego Camps, STEM/Maker themed birthday parties. for these as usual we need someone to lead these. Can we an contract with existing small businesses that do this. Tanju to take the lead on this.
    • The ATL YouTuber meetup folks will be meeting at the Station next Saturday.
    • MomoCon coming up?
    • Need to find out details about the Latern Festival in Sandy Springs
    • Dragon Con
  • Recommend that the Board join the Maker channel on the tech404 Slack group to interact and coordinate with the other local makerspaces in the region.
  • Lots of opportunities to collaborate with other groups. recently TJ has been in touch with the Atlanta Society of Women Engineers SWE, also Eric from 3Dorchard.com