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We're thrilled to participate in the annual Maker Faire Atlanta:

Since 2014, the Maker Station has participated at the Atlanta Maker Faire both with an exhibition booth and by participating in the Power Racing Series with modified electric powerwheels race cars.

2016 Maker Faire Atlanta

Raspberry Pi Photobooth by Bret Lanius

Final 012256.jpg
Final 013544.jpg
Final 014029.jpg
Final 014129.jpg
Final 015536.jpg
Final 020640.jpg
Final 191804.jpg
Final 193430.jpg
Final 194519.jpg
Final 195420.jpg
Final 195552.jpg
Final 201837.jpg
Final 201905.jpg
Final 201937.jpg
Final 202520.jpg
Final 202545.jpg
Final 202701.jpg
Final 202858.jpg
Final 205256.jpg
Final 220947.jpg
Final 230402.jpg
Final 234327.jpg

Zeus by LuisRobots

We were honored to have our very talented robot builder LuisRobot bring Zeus on Saturday

short video:

Be sure to like LuisRobot on Facebook:


Candy Kart - Power Racing Series

2016 Nashville Maker Faire

2015 Maker Faire Atlanta

2014 Maker Faire Atlanta