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What is this place, makerspace, hackerspace?

The Maker Station is a recently formed makerspace in Marietta, Georgia. Our vision is to be a leading contributor in the maker community by providing tools, instruction, and a creative environment for all ages in order to foster the do-it-yourself spirit embodied by the maker movement.

A makerspace is a community-oriented, shared workspace where people with common interests can learn, share, and collaborate while working with any and all types of construction materials or media. There has been much written about makerspaces over the past few years, we simply recommend that you check out the Wikipedia's entry on Maker Culture or google makerspace if you would like to read more.


We are a Georgia non-profit corporation. We are a 501(c)(3) public charity as recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

How are materials supplied?

A percentage of monthly member dues is reserved for purchase of materials, supplies, and equipment. Special events and projects may require additional fees to cover the cost of project specific materials.

What happens if I break a tool?

Broken Tool Policy: If you break at tool at the Maker Station makerspace, please let someone know so that we can assess the safety risk. There is no cost or penalty for breaking tools, we understand that these things happen. However we need assess the situation and decommission tools to prevent the next person from unknowingly using a broken tool.

Broken tools will be replaced at the next tool buying opportunity as the budget allows.

Donations? I have equipment or material that I want to donate...

Cash Money Donations

If you are interested in donating money to support the space, please submit using the following options:

The Maker Station is recognized as a 501c3 non-profit educational organization. Receipts will provided for all donations.

Thank You!

Materials & Supplies

Due to limited space at the Maker Station, materials and equipment donations must be approved by the Board of Directors. We ask that only equipment in good working order be donated. We are not a repair shop nor a recycling facility, and generally unable to salvage material "just in case it may be useful", etc.

Large equipment and guest donations must be vetted by the board prior to acceptance. Contact the board (info@themakerstation.com) if you would like to make donations.

The following ARE NOT ACCEPTED at any time:

  • CRT Monitors and Televisions
  • Hazardous Material, paints, solvents, etc
  • Broken or discarded appliances and electronics
  • Basically anything that costs money to dispose of properly

Loaning equipment? I have equipment that I want to loan

Loaned equipment is much appreciated. However the Maker Station can not take any responsibility for loaned equipment and so if you loan equipment, you accept all risk that it may become worn out, broken, etc.

What is the password to the 3D printer station?

The 3D printer workstation password is provided via email upon joining the Maker Station and being a member in good standing. If you are a member and need the password, contact the board: info@themakerstation.com

What is the wifi password?

The wifi password is provided via email upon joining the Maker Station and being a member in good standing. If you are a member and need the password, contact the board: info@themakerstation.com

Where can I find some ___? (Bolts, Bearings, Leather, etc)

We have a community-maintained list of vendors on the Materials and Supplies page.

Kids? Are kids welcome, kid activities?

Kids are definitely welcome. Most of the Station's board members have kids of various ages and we certainly intend to make the space kid friendly and welcoming to families. That being said, the Maker Station is primarily a work space for tinkerers and hobbyists to talk shop, compare notes, and collaborate on projects. The space does contain dangerous power tools and sometimes hazardous materials. Our goal is to keep the space PG-13. The space is not a day care and kids can not be left unattended.

Kid Activities?: We are still a new space, as such we currently do not have specific/recurring activities for kids. However kids are welcome at the majority of our events. Check out our meetup page.

Home School Activities?: We are still new. We encourage any motivated parents to take the lead on organizing home schooling events during school hours. Contact the board (info@themakerstation.com) if you are interested in leading a home school event or activity at the space.

What about getting a forge, blacksmithing, welding, metal fabricating, auto lift, etc?

We are all excited to make big awesome things that require fire power... however, we are currently not equipped to supply all of these. In our new location, we do have limited capability for hot-work outside the loading dock door. No hot-work should be performed inside the facility and only outside with proper preparation, training and safety equipment available. Prior to performing any hot-work, please discuss your project with the board to make sure it is within guidelines and proper procedures and training are in place.

Unfortunately permitted auto work is also limited. Our lease forbids any form of oil, coolant, other automotive fluid use within the space, and vehicles can not be left overnight.

Are there any other makerspaces in the Atlanta area?

Yes, Atlanta has a fairly active maker community. If you know of other makerspaces to list here, email us at: info@themakerstation.com