Air Compressor

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  • Owner/Loaner: Jay Dellinger
  • Serial Number: Serial Number
  • Make/Model: Craftsman 15 gal
  • Arrival Date: Sept 2015
  • Usability: {{{usagerestrictions}}}
  • Contact:
  • Where: The Depot


Air compressor.jpg


An air compressor converts power using an electric motor, diesel or gasoline engine, etc, into potential energy stored in pressurized air i.e., compressed air. By running the motor, an air compressor forces more and more air into a storage tank, increasing the pressure. When tank pressure reaches its upper limit the air compressor shuts off.
The compressed air, then, is held in the tank until called into use. The energy contained in the compressed air can be used for a variety of applications, utilizing the kinetic energy of the air as it is released and the tank depressurizes.


  • For general use by members.
  • Treat equipment as if it were your own and put away as or better than you found it.