2016 Hexabot Build Meeting Notes

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Link to main project wiki: Robotics_Hexapod_Kit


Leg CAD Files for Fab or 3D Printing

Bracket CAD Files for 3D Printing

Bottom Plate CAD File 3D Printing

PCB design for Arduino shield

Prototype Board

Price Aluminum Strip .5 x.5 x 6' Price Aluminum Angle .5 x.5 x 6' Price Servos SG90



Luis gave a general demo on both Zeus, the biped bot, as well as Crios the hexapod bot. The group loosely agreed to pursue developing an intro-to-robotics kit based on the Crios.



  • Set up wiki General mechanical dimensions
  • See to do list

Next meeting:

  • Bring in 3D Printed legs and servo brackets
  • Wayne to demo his bot
  • To discuss further on Slack



Next Meetup

27 April 2016

Reviewed Wayne's Leg Design

Checked out Linkage Mechanism Designer and Simulator www.linkagesimulator.com

Checked out Tanju's 3D printed legs using 1/4" binding post screws

Updated wiki sections on the legs and arduino shield

Tanju will be taking the Crios to the girl scout makerfest

Brandon wants to build some servo controlled/robotic cosplay components

Got the dimensions for the little bottom servo brackets to connect the lower leg links

Next Meetup