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This is meant to be a collection of information about the features, operation, and maintenance of our workspace.


The Maker Station is located at 52 Powder Springs Rd, Marietta, GA 30064. We use the warehouse space located in the back of the offices of Terminus Productions. The front office is used by Terminus, so please be courteous and respectful of their facility. From the main doorway, continue straight back to the doorway leading to the back space.

Access to the Space

If you would like to visit the space, the best way is to attend an open house or other event as published on our Meetup page. This is the best way to find which events are scheduled in the space. You may find members there at other hours, but since you never can tell, your best bet is to check the calendar. Once you join and become a member of the space, you will be given a lockbox code to allow you to access a key to the facility. You can use this to come and go as needed to work on your own projects and make use of the space. You will need to adhere to the guidelines around ingress/egress to ensure a safe and enjoyable working enviroment.


During open house or scheduled events, guests can enter/exit as they wish. Members accessing the space at other times, should log your entry and exit time on the sign-in sheet. The sign-in sheet is on a clipboard hanging on the wall behind the main door from the street. Please make sure you sign in and out so we have a log of activity and traffic in the space. Future projects may augment/replace this procedure, but for now, this is how we will access the space. When leaving, if you are the last one out, make sure the lights are off, and that all doors are locked.


The light switch for the workspace in the back is located in the front office space. As you enter the main door, there is a triple switch on the wall to your left with the dartboard. The center switch will turn on/off the lights in the back. There is an emergency light that is always on over the desks in the front office, so there is no switch to turn it off.


There is a bathroom in the workspace on the right hand side as you enter. Please help take care of this facility and report any maintenance issues immediately.

Usage and Maintenance

We are all part of this community and as we use the space, things will get messy. Please take time to put your projects away as best you can and clean up any messes or safety hazards (even if they are not your own) so that we can keep this an enjoyable place for everyone. Members will have storage bins for their use. Guests should take any of their project materials with them when they leave. The space is there to be used by the members. We do not need committee to decide to move a table. If you need to rearrange something for a project, go ahead. However, if you are considering significant changes, please discuss it with one of the board members. Do not permanently mar/damage/attach things to the physical walls and space without first discussing it with the board members and Terminus Productions. That's not to say you can't do those things necessarily, we just need to make sure that the property owners are on board.