Tapco Mix100 Compact Mixer

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  • Owner/Loaner: Jay Dellinger
  • Serial Number: n/a
  • Make/Model: Tapco Mix100 Mixer
  • Arrival Date: Aug 2014
  • Usability: {{{usagerestrictions}}}
  • Contact: Jay Dellinger
  • Where: open bin on worktable


This is a six channel mixer that allows you to combine multiple audio sources. It was brought in to use with the condenser mic but you can use it to connect other things as well, such as guitars, etc. using the standard 1/4" jacks. There is no power switch on the mixer...if it is plugged in, it is on. There is a toggle switch for phantom power on the mic inputs, so if your mic requires 48v phantom power and is not working, check that switch. You can adjust the equalizer and levels for each channel. You can also adjust the control room output signal or main output signal levels as well depending on your connections. There are 1/4" headphone jacks for real-time monitoring of the outbound mix if needed. Most buttons and options are labeled and fairly straightforward. Try it out.

The standard setup for recording via the condenser mic is:

  • condenser mic connected to mic input on channel 1, phantom power on
  • main output connected to USB audio interface
  • USB audio interface connected to computer
  • computer running audio capture software (Audacity, etc.); select the USB interface as the input source