Red Top Mountain Maker's Festival 2018

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Red Top Mountain Maker's Festival - Saturday May 19th 10am-4pm 50 Lodge Road SE, Acworth, GA United States 30102

"The Maker's Festival is a family friendly place to come and interact with makers and see them make things and buy their products. Makers of all types will be here and some will be offering hands on experience at making. Anybody can be a maker you just have to make something like: music, science, art, crafts, clothes, homesteading, sustainable living, etc." from


  • Chuck
  • Jon
  • Bret

NOTE: Volunteers get a free Maker Station T-shirt! Their choice of Color, Size, and Design! Send Chuck a DM

Things we are GOING to bring:

  • Our own 10x10 table
  • Small Metal 3D Printer
  • Tanju's Maslow cut chair and bench
  • Chuck's Maslow cut stool
  • Bret's signs, wall art, laser cut speaker, led fixtures, and more!

Ideas of other items we could bring?

  • Laser cut items?
  • Alex Mike's Twang Game attached to a 2x4 or plastic pipe, attached to our table?

NOTE: We do NOT know if there will be power outlets available or not. Amber did not specify. Its not listed on their website. Chuck asked on their FB page on 4/13/18 8am.

Swag and marketing items we will have:

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • 3D Printed Examples
  • Poster boards with pictures of new space