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Welcome to The Maker Station Makerspace!

Here you will find lots of great information pertaining to the makerspace, membership, rules, projects, etc.
Use the side bar to explore our Projects, Equipment, Classes, Workspace, and Policies/Documents.

Who We Are

The Maker Station is a collaborative, shared workspace (makerspace / hackerspace) where curious and like-minded individuals come together to work on projects, discover new areas of interest, develop a new business idea, or simply grow their personal hobbies. The makerspace serves the interstate corridor northwest of Atlanta, GA. This includes Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, and surrounding areas. We started our journey in 2014 to build this space and we are looking for interested community members to help grow and shape this makerspace / hackerspace into a thriving, lively environment.

How to Join

Joining is easy! Just follow these steps and you will be on your way in no time.

  1. Visit the join page to select the type of membership that applies to you
  2. Click through and complete your transaction to set up recurring billing.
  3. Join the Meetup group to keep track of our events
  4. Join the Slack group by sending an email to and asking for Slack access.
  5. Read through the information on our Policies and Procedures page
  6. Go Make something!

Membership Options

  1. Maker Level: $50/mo Maker grants individuals unlimited access to the Station, plus project storage, plus single voting rights.
  2. Student Level: $25/mo Associate grants access to the Station 4 times per month (1 per week), with no project storage, and no voting rights.
  3. Premium Level: $300/mo Grants access to two members with a 152 sq ft dedicated, lockable office space, with unlimited access to the space and tools, plus voting rights.
  4. Click here to visit the Join page to select the type of membership that applies to you

Address / Location

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Address: 1700 Cumberland Point Dr, Suite 24, Marietta, GA 30067 We are located in the Cumberland Point Business Park off of Highway 41, immediately across from the runways at Dobbins Air Force Base. We are just a short distance to Cumberland Mall and the new Braves Stadium (coming 2017). There are numerous restaurants, shops and retail locations in the surrounding area.

Parking: Plenty of parking right out front!

Hours of Operation

Public Events: Open House events are held on the first Thursday of every month. Other events are generally open to the public and guests at the discretion of the event organizer. See the calendar for all event details.

Member Hours: 8am to 10pm daily, limited to dues-paying members. Extended hours are available upon consultation with the Board of Directors.


Our official calendar of events is found on Please check regularly for new events!

Members may schedule events on a first-come, first-serve basis. To schedule an event, please contact the Board of Directors.

How to Contact Us

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