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'''Meeting postponed to Sunday July 29th'''
'''BOD''':  Joshua, Tanju
'''BOD''':  Joshua, Tanju

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Meeting postponed to Sunday July 29th


BOD: Joshua, Tanju

Members: Ryan S., Alex B


Planning Agenda

  • Financial update
  • Membership update
  • New Items & Updates
    • Jul 21 Mini Comic Con at Sewell Mill Library Summary
    • Jul 22 Visit from Joel Leonard, makerspace evangelist, tons of fund raising ideas
    • Aug 30-Sept 3 DragonCon Parade + Maker & Alt History (Steampunk) Tracks
    • Oct 27 ATL Maker Faire & Powerwheels is back to 2 event
    • Other items
      • Tanju is exploring some marketing collaboration ideas with local artist Sean Mills after Sean attended the July Open House


Financial Update:

  • Chris had to leave right before this meeting, but mentioned that she had no major updates. Still running a slight deficit.
  • Jun/July HVAC bill was $513 for 5/29-6/28 right before the new thermostat installed
  • As far as all the ideas about seeking sponsorships and grants are nice but really need someone outside of the BOD to lead that.
  • We can certainly start gathering info about grants and foundations that are out there will be helpful to get the ball rolling
  • Space activities such as Open House and activitiy meetups are always good for gaining members.
  • Ongoing effort in building Arcade Cabinets... Alex intending to try to sell one of the cabinets as a fund raiser

Membership Update:

We lost a few members recently and gained a couple for a net loss of (-1)

Gumroad Summary June 26, 2018
______________ __Feb__ __Mar__ __Apr__ __May__ __Jun__ __Jul__
Member Total 41 46 49 50 49 48
Maker 23 25 27 29 28 28
Reciprocal 1 1 1 1 2 1
Student 10 13 15 14 14 14
Old Maker 4 4 4 4 3 3
Old Student 2 2 1 1 1 1
Premium 1 1 1 1 1 1

General Discussion

  • Discussed doing annual anniversary BBQ out in Sept to have nicer weather. Gives us time to get the word out. Alex's family is offering to bring their grill back out. Alex is aiming to make the BBQ even bigger and better. Also planning to raffle of an arcade for the event.
    • Will be good to expand the raffle, arcade cabinet kit will be the grand prize but we can use additional items for prizes.
  • General discussion about making sure that the trash gets taken out consistently. Generally seems like trash is getting taken out but now that it is summer any misses can get messy with bugs
  • General discussion about getting a timer on the shop fan to make it easier to manage
  • Lots of discussion about improving the insulation over the office space. Mike and Ryan today went up for a quick look and also closed off the open duct that was up there.
  • Landlord had a plumber come out and replaced the toilet tank... it was part of an effort completed for every tenant in the building
  • Ryan is making an effort to collect MSDS sheets and make a binder
  • We need to move all the chemicals into the fire proof safe. Just need some basic shelving in there
    • Tanju is looking into getting an eye wash/bottle
  • We need to schedule another build-out for clean-out and in particular need to get a light switch installed for the shop lights... probably best to do this when it starts to cool off a bit. Definitely need to do it 1-2 weeks before the anniversary BBQ

Upcoming Events:

  • Aug 3 Tanju going to schedule another BattleBots viewing party. Friday 8pm. Alex mentioned D&D gaming also happening Friday night too
  • Aug 2 OPEN HOUSE - Tanju describing that a small local production company might show up to film a walk-through video. Let's also Mike to bring his electric skateboard, and arcade builds should be further along
  • Aug 30-Sept 3 DragonCon Parade + Maker & Alt History (Steampunk) Tracks
  • Oct 27-28 Atlanta Maker Faire is back to two days