20180628 BOD Notes

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BOD: Jay D, Chris K, Josh M, Tanju B

Members: Alex C.


Planning Agenda

  • Financial update
  • Membership update
  • New Items & Updates
    • Jun 23 Cobb County Arts & Culture Podcast on June
    • Jul 21 Mini Comic Con at Sewell Mill Library and Cultural Center
    • Aug 30-Sept 3 DragonCon Parade + Maker & Alt History (Steampunk) Tracks
    • Oct 27 ATL Maker Faire & Powerwheels is back to 2 event
    • Other items


  • Mike Yaukubek has dropped his membership and Board participation due to personal reasons.
  • Recent safety incidents: Tanju cut his finger on the router table. Oil slick left by the roll up door, member slipped and near miss, no injury.

As short term measure Bret covered it with saw dust. Tanju identified the culprit and has addressed it directly. The spill has been cleaned up. We discussed needing to write up/expand safety policy that explicitly states that the BOD reserves the right to suspend or terminate a membership with no refund.

  • Bret mentioned that has been replacing bandsaw blades fairly frequently. General discussion about limiting
  • HVAC - Randy Farmer donated a wifi enabled thermostat and then Chuck is collecting donations to by room sensors to bring some automation in effort to lower electric bill.
  • Electric Bill - recently Ryan found a disconnect notice on the front door last Friday. After investigation, Marietta Power confirmed that auto-pay was enabled but for some reason they didn't process it last month. Issue is resolved. Also,

Financial Update:

  • Currently we are (-$174) per month in the red. We have approx 12 months of runway at the current run-rate.
  • Financial reports updated in the BOD Google Drive
  • Question raised about how much money is generated by the 3D printing system? Since inception thru Mar-2018 has generated approx $500
  • General discussion about the organization's ability/restrictions to generate revenue as a non-profit... the only restriction is that we can not distribute dividends to the BOD/owners. There is also a threshold of $50,000 in receipts bumps you into a higher tax reporting requirements, but there is no restriction. We are already on the order of $30K/year in gross receipts.
  • General discussion/brainstorming about attracting people to the space

Membership Update:

We lost a couple of members recently and losing a couple of more in June :(

Gumroad Summary June 26, 2018
______________ __Feb__ __Mar__ __Apr__ __May__ __Jun__
Member Total 41 46 49 50 48
Maker 23 25 27 29 28
Reciprocal 1 1 1 1 2
Student 10 13 15 14 14
Old Maker 4 4 4 4 3
Old Student 2 2 1 1 0
Premium 1 1 1 1 1

General Discussion

  • We need to schedule another build-out for clean-out and in particular need to get a light switch installed for the shop lights

Upcoming Events:

  • Jul 21 Mini Comic Con at Sewell Mill Library and Cultural Center
  • Aug 30-Sept 3 DragonCon Parade + Maker & Alt History (Steampunk) Tracks
  • Oct 27-28 Atlanta Maker Faire is back to two days