20180121 BOD Notes

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BOD: Chris K., Tanju B., Joshua M., Jay D.

Members: TBD


Planning Agenda

  • Relocation status and planning for 2018
  • Membership update


Financial Update:

  • x

Membership discussion:

  • Membership Update:
  • Currently have 34 members that have signed up at the new rates.
    • 17 Makers at $60/mo, 7 Students at $30/mo, 1 Premium at $300/mo (total $1824)
  • We have some existing members remaining at the old rates that need to resubscribe or drop. Let's give them Jan 31st deadline?
    • 6 Makers $50/mo and 3 Students at $25/mo
  • We had two members decide to drop in January
Gumroad Summary Jan 2018
Row Labels Count of Buyer Sum of Sale ($)
New $60 Maker Subscription 17 1020
New $30 Student Subscription 7 504
Premium Membership 1 300
*Old $50 Maker Membership 9 350
*Old $25 Monthly Membership 6 150
* Old values include both people that have switched over in Jan and those that are still pending

  • We raffled off two 30 day memberships... let's have these expire on Feb 28. Steve has issued RFID fobs to them.

  • Members Setting up new space
  • A lot of members cranked hard over past month. Thanks to Chuck, Ryan, Jon, Mike, Alex, Josh, and many others. Some have contributed quietly
  • Electrical:
    • Status of energizing the new outlets?
  • Woodworking Zone:
    • TBD?
    • Idea: Lumber/large project locker for additional rental, perhaps $10-$20/mo. Lockable dedicated storage. Idea suggested by Bret. Wants to build a large-ish coffee table. Will take up space, doesn't want his lumber to get inadvertently used by others, etc
  • Hang Printer:
    • BuildTak: We would be asking them to create a custom 48" x 48" build plate for us and donate it, in return for us using it in our videos and publications. Not sure they would go for it, but we can ask. They, of course, would then be able to use our videos to show off how their product is used even in extreme situations....

Upcoming Events:

  • Valentine's Day? Wednesday Feb 14th
  • Pi Day 3-14-18? Wednesday Mar 14th
  • Red Top Mountain Maker's Festival?