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'''BOD''':  Chris K., Tanju B.,  
'''BOD''':  Chris K., Tanju B., Joshua M.,  

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BOD: Chris K., Tanju B., Joshua M.,

Members: Jon B., Bret L., Randy K., Mike R.


Planning Agenda

  • All about setting up the new space


Financial Update:

Membership discussion:

  • 40 members thru November, we lost a couple of members in Oct & Nov
  • 26 Maker level, 13 Student Level, 1 Premium
  • New membership rates of $60/mo and $30/mo will go live for January. Everyone paying the old rate thru end of Dec.
  • Setting up new space
    • Electrical:

Upcoming Events:

  • Need to do a grand opening Open House in January. What day?

Maintenance discussion: